Thursday, 27 March 2014

Quilled Mother's Day flowers

I've been at it again with the paper and glue. It doesn't exactly look how I imagined it (more tree-like than bunch of flowers) but I still think it looks nice. I used some of the tips on Ann Martin's blog All Things Paper, as well as her very handy e-book, 'Creative Paper Quilling'.
I bought some quilling paper at christmas because trying to cut out the strips straight was driving me mad, but it was quite cheap and very worth it. That's the only special buy I've had to make; I made my quilling 'tool' out of a couple of needles stuck in a champagne cork - they're different thicknesses so one provides a nice tight coil while the other is a bit looser. Also, after faffing around with stick and pen glues, I can highly recommend getting something that you can squeeze a blob onto a bit of scrap card/plastic with, because that and a pointy skewer made applying glue a whole world easier. I had some fabric lace sticky tape from Tiger that I've been itching to use on something, but followed my sister's advice to exercise restraint and only use it along the bottom.

Here are my supplies, nothing high tech!
I've not been the only one getting busy with paper; my sister (of dairy-free baking yumminess) is on the home straight of her architecture degree, and has been model making today. It's of a classicism project for a 'site' in Edinburgh. I think it looks awesome, and her models always make me wish I could shrink down and go explore her cardboard world...

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  1. I'm so glad you're giving quilling a try! Your design is very pretty and I so agree about skipping the glue pens and just going with a blob and pointy skewer. Your sister's models look great too.