Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer! I think the loveliest time if the year is the spring, I do. Don't you? Course you do! (Bonus points for recognising the song).

Today (actually, it's taken me ages to post this, and 'today' is now 'last Saturday') was an utterly perfect spring day. The sun shone, the flowers were out, the leaves are just starting to appear on trees and everything seems right in the world. Spring is my most favourite month; no other makes you feel so glad to be alive. And unlike summer which can only disappoint, spring can never let you down when so much loveliness is bursting forth after winter, and every sunny day feels like a blessing. Ahh, spring.

It was in this glorious mood that I ran my usual Bushy parkrun. But not my uusual running. My exceptional mood topped off with the fact I've been a bit lax with my half marathon training (horrible blister under my running callus) meant I had both body and mind ready for some running. My watch also measured the first km very short, which while I knew meant the average was pace was lying, spurred me on imagining I was running so fast. I did actually run fast, and equalled my PB, as well as smashing my way into the top 100 women (I was the 82nd female). My good mood multiplied.
I bought Mum a little pot of bulbs from the flower stand at Hampton Court station

I then sat on the train back to home home in Kent for the mother's day weekend. My good mood continued to expand. I so love going back to the countryside, and with the weather so lovely, a tour of the garden was called for. Me and mum searched out the last of the daffodil buds to cut for indoors, and picked some rhubarb for crumble pudding. We pootled and discussed plans for a greenhouse and mini orchard. Then we looked at fabrics for some Roman blinds for the living room that dad is in the process of redecorating. And then it was dinner time.

Such a wonderfully lovely perfect spring day. I've definitely got my running mojo back. So much so that I've convinced myself to go do some hills tomorrow morning...

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