Thursday, 4 June 2015

Celebrating 3 years

It's (again) been a little while, and much has been happening. Two major themes today; sewing and running.

But since this is the knit and run blog I should probably fill in an update about what's on the needles. I've got a Lichen and Moss scarf that's gone into hibernation now that I'm confident I won't need it any time soon (well, as confident as I can be with British summer weather). There's a Liala that gave me a bit of a mental block before I worked out there was an error in the instructions - and being crochet and therefore not my most experienced yarny craft it took me a while to accept that I was indeed right and the pattern wrong. But this has also given way to the latest project; an Echo Flowers Shawl in a beautiful maroon colour (technically 'Loganberry') for a friend's wedding present.

As for sewing, my little brain is full of plans. Myself and the fiancé were out touristing this week (hooray annual leave!) and dropped into Foyles…where I bought a lovely little book called The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie. Instantly wanted to make it all. Started fairly simple and wanting something to celebrate our 3 year anniversary I made the 'Boudoir Blushes' camisole and french knickers. And I'm pretty darn pleased with how they turned out.

Obviously french seamed throughout, they're trimmed in a little sort of tulle-y lace. The fabric itself is a slinky and slippy polyester with a beautiful paisley pattern, and I surprised myself with how well I managed to work with it. The pattern was lovely and simple. Unfortunately I ran out of trim (despite ordering an extra half metre) so ended up trimming the top of the shorts rather than the legs. But I think I maybe prefer it that way anyway.

The top is actually a little big for me - the darts aren't quite in the right place - but it was only ever meant to be a wearable muslin anyway and for nightwear it doesn't make much of a difference. I'm chuffed with the little set.

I also bought some spotty tulle for 'Babycakes' bra and panties set… No doubt that'll feature in my next update…

As for the running things have been going well. I've managed to hit a PB at parkrun two weeks in a row (WHOOP!) and suddenly find myself eyeing up a sub-25 for the first time. The Endure 24hr relay is looming large next weekend and the week after that is the Nike 10km. I was really determined to get into it this year after having to watch all the snazzy photos and build up to last year's We Run the Night.  So I was speedy to sign up, and equally speedy to pick up the race pack. It's got a snazzy race tank, and came in it's own little bag. There's a colour coded wristband for starting wave, a medical bracelet, and a guest pass wristband for the fiancé, as well as the race number shoe tag. The fact there's no bib number makes me suspect that individual photos may not be a feature.

Finally, it's been 3 years since my lovely fiancé first became my lovely boyfriend. It feels much longer, in a good way. Being in Covent Garden to pick up my race pack at Nike Town meant we had a chance to go to our favourite anniversary restaurant - Belgo. Mussels, chips and beer. Perfect.
We've also tentatively started making wedding things..! There are going to have to be quite a few paper flowers made between now and the big day, but everything has to start somewhere.
So it's been an exciting few days recently. I can't wait to see where the next 3 years will take us.

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