Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring is here...

I know Spring is here. There's a couple of tell-tale signs…

1). The sun. It's back, and glorious.

2). The spring flowers are coming, and they're also glorious.

3). I get inexplicably faster at parkrun.

A mere 46 weeks after my last PB, I finally got a new one. Having been absolutely nowhere near it all year, as soon as spring comes around the corner I'm suddenly speedy. I ran sub 26-mins for the first time since last year last week. And despite having 5hrs of walking along the North Downs in my legs, I ran my PB this week. By 19 seconds. I don't know how it works, but something in the Spring air is magic…

Onto the next spring thing; being super productive. I've had a few days off, which has just enhanced the amount of time I've been spending looking at wedding stuff on pinterest, and has given me the chance to actually start doing concrete things towards it. Including doing some sewing again. If I'm going to be making a wedding dress and a suit for the lovely fiancé then I'll be needing some practice.

So I went nuts and bought a load of patterns. And fabric.

And made my first pair of trousers! The fit isn't perfect and I'm not too sure about the whole lack of waistband thing, but hey, trousers! And in a crazy flowery print!

They're the Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It. Fitting issues aside, these were seriously speedy to make. Just took half a day (having already traced off the pattern). Also, check out the most invisible invisible zip I've ever inserted. Yeh, pattern matching was never going to happen.

All things considered I've had a pretty good weekend, and a really lovely few days off work. Even better, I've still got 2 days holiday left!

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