Sunday, 22 February 2015

Good news everyone!

Hello poor neglected blog!
I've been gone for a while and many, many things have happened…but I'm hoping to be back here more regularly now. Because in terms of knitting and running and sewing and crafting I'm going to have a LOT to write about.

One week ago, on Valentine's day, the lovely boyfriend asked The Question.

I went into total shock. If I'm honest I thought it was at least a year away. My sister was supposed to be first! But as the week's gone by I've gotten more used to the idea and more excited by the whole prospect of getting and being married. I was also just getting used to wearing my ring (I've never worn rings in my life), but sadly it's gone off to be re-sized so there are no repeats of the sickening moment I thought I'd blended it in the nutribullet…

So, this was just a quick post to say we have a vague date of 'spring 2017' in mind, and that the wedding will have as many handmade elements as I can find the time for. Including the dress...

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