Thursday, 20 February 2014

Valentine tourism

So, I'm a bit slow writing this post up, but better late than never...

Last Friday was Valentine's Day, as I'm sure you noticed. You probably noticed even if you were trying very hard not to.
I took it as an excuse to get my quilling paper out and see if I could have a bit more success than my rubbish attempts at snowflakes over christmas. Turns out hearts are really easy to do!

(And yes, I've discovered the photo editing tools on my phone...)

On to the tourism part; we went to Edinburgh. We'd booked this 3-day trip before realising it coincided with Valentine's day, so it was a happy discovery to know that we'd be in my all-time favourite city together on a romantic weekend. Apart from some driving sleet on the Friday night (we retreated pretty quickly to the hotel and ordered room service!) the weather was good. See;

Obviously, we did a Parkrun. The Scottish side of my family (my Dad's brother) live in Edinburgh and are experienced runners, so we met them on the promenade in Crammond along with over 400 other parkrunners on the chilly drizzly Saturday morning. It was a stunning place to run, the view was a bit distracting; 

It was an 'out and back' loop along the seafront, with a hefty headwind all the way along the second half. My speedy boyfriend finished first of our group, followed by my uncle who'd stormed past me on the final 500m, followed by my aunt. It was an incredibly well run event, with a very thorough briefing for newbies and tourists, kilometer markers, a weather report, lots of volunteers and free squash and sweets at the end. We had a great time, and as a bonus there were some great photos taken by a photographer.
This is me and my uncle running a bit past half way. I really love this photo! Perfectly synchronised!

So that's what I did last weekend. This week the training has taken the running up a notch, stand by for a post on progress imminently...

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